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E-Commerce is now common in Hong Kong and all over the world. We can easily buy and get a product from a foreign company on the Internet. We just need to order it on the website, pay it with credit card, and then the product would be delivered to our home or places nearby. This attracts many people to buy products online. Therefore, the demand for E-Commerce keeps rising.

It seems that many people in Hong Kong have heard of a website called “Taobao”, which was founded in Mainland, China. It is a platform where sellers sell their products in low prices and buyers can buy what they want with many choices cheaply. It is especially well-known among teenagers, since they can buy clothes, shoes and bags with limited budget on the website.

Some teenagers grasp this chance and open an online shop in an application called “Instagram”. It is a social networking app which let users to follow other users in order to keep in touch with their friends or artists. These teenagers sell the products that they purchase from “Taobao” in their accounts. And then they add tags and follow teenagers to attract them to follow their updated news and have a look at their products. They just behave as merchandisers who perform the work of reselling and earn the difference of prices.

From my point of view, they are smart and clever. They make use of the Internet to do a small business. They just need to order products from “Taobao”, wait for the buyers and then mail the products to them. Some sellers may also require the buyers to pay for the mailing fee. So I think that they mostly just need to contribute their time and then they can earn money. It is a good way for students to earn a little profit.

One of my friends is an owner of an online shop. She told me that she can earn around $2,500 a month. Although it may not be a big money, they earn them just by the difference of prices. I appreciate their good work.

Besides, online shopping is not just for physical products, there are virtual products that we can purchase online. That is application in app store in our mobile phones. Many of the applications are sold at two types of pricing methods. One is free of charge, which is a trial version to attract people to use. Another one is the advanced version which provides more functions and features for people to purchase. In other words, it is for people who really love the application.

I have never bought any application online. So I feel thankful to the investors of the useful applications. They are well-designed and give lots of fun and convenience to us. Many informational apps provide updated information to us, for example, public transportation, weather, etc. These are important in today’s Hong Kong.

Beside the local E-Commerce, the global E-Commerce is also popular. Big online shop, Amazon, has dominated the global market. It was founded in the United States. Many people in different countries buy different kinds of product on this platform. They can search the information of products at home, and choose which products are the most suitable for them. They do not need to go out but still can buy high quality products. This is convenient for people who are not free to go shopping. After they have taken orders, they just need to pay for it and then wait for them. It is so convenient and useful for the busy people. So it attracts many people to go online.

I really love today’s digital world. We can easily do what we want, just have some clicks on the Internet and then we can get them. However, we cannot touch them before we buy. Sometimes, there are differences between the photos and real products. So we may be disappointed if there is a big difference. Therefore, both the outdoor shopping and online shopping are valuable to many people. Just another choice for us.

Here is a video clip showing the guidelines of using “Taobao” together with other people.

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